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An OriginalMama shares.

She shares her ideas, wisdom and Love. When she shares, she helps. She inspires and creates awareness.
Be an OriginalMama by sharing your story. Our mission is to collect as many stories as we can, don’t let any subject unwritten. Share your opinion, world-view and wisdom. For yourself and for others. Our mission is to collect stories from each corner of the globe.

How to:

  • Grab pen/ paper or laptop
  • Write your story (IN ENGLISH)
  • Keep writing
  • Re-read your story and edit it (min. 500 and max 2500 words)
  • When it’s perfect for you, send it to OriginalMama (via theoriginalmamas@gmail.com)
  • Within 2 days you know if your article will be posted and you van call yourself an OriginalMama


We are always seeking collaboration projects. Contact us if you see opportunities to work together.  ‘Because with the right connection, so many wonderful things can happen‘ [Desikachar]


An OriginalMama© shares.

Donate HERE all you can share. This donation is used for the Original Mama projects (more to come!!).

Thank you so much!!


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