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mother-child1Are you an OriginalMama?

Who is she?

  • She is a woman (she doesn’t have to be a mother)
  • She finds the courage to raise her voice
  • She is aware of herself and the world around her
  • She Loves to share
  • She is truthful
  • She has a flexible mind
  • She empowers herself and others
  • Love is her religion
  • Nature houses her healing power

OriginalMama has a mission: to create awareness among women and girls, for women and with women. What can you do for a better world? How do you raise a child in a responsible way? How do you help yourself and others? What do the words yoga, green, organic and fair mean to you? How can we use vulnerability, creativity and intuition to gain strength? How can we balance this strength with softness and Love to breath peace and compassion into this world?

You have it lady. Yes, YOU can grow, transform an inspire others too. Connect your heart with the space where you can feel this….

OriginalMama Gives Back

Giving back is an organic and natural development of practice. As compassion blossoms, so does action. Sharing what we love, what has made a difference in our own lives, is a skillful way to live. It’s what is called right livelihood: compassionate, selfless, and something about which we can have no doubt makes a positive difference, no matter how large or small. Giving back is food for the heart. When we give back our heart softens. When we give back our heart expands. When we give back our heart is at peace.

OriginalMama wants to work on projects for teenage/ adolescent girls and young women in rural areas. We believe in equal rights. The project will target on training and mentorship for these girls and women to empower them. Everyone should have an opportunity to be seen and heard! We are always interested in collaboration. Together we are strong. That’s why we Love to network. If you are interested to talk about this please write theoriginalmamas@gmail.com and please follow us on Twitter  @Original_Mama.

When having questions about these projects or if you like to be a guest writer? Write to theoriginalmamas@gmail.com or use the form on this page.


Powered by The House of Love

The house of Love uses the power of yoga and sustainable activism to inspire and help others. Help people to become conscious, first of their own breath, body, mind and soul. And then create consciousness of the power of their actions for themselves and others. This will ignite personal- and social change. We believe that a better world for everyone is possible. Little by little. Breath by breath.


Beautiful image: mother and son, 1962 • walter chappell


4 comments on “About

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  2. MonaLisaMom
    January 22, 2013

    Hello! I love the message of your blog! i really enjoy reading it! I have nominated you for an award, you can find the information on my blog at http://monalisamom.com/2013/01/22/my-first-award/. Enjoy your day 🙂

  3. truthyoga
    March 15, 2013

    As a man who appreciates self-empowerment for all and in all the diverse ways possible for women, men, and our smaller peeps, thank you for seeking to inspire and help others in your special way…..keep on Lighting the world with yourself. Best wishes in your work!

  4. taozirae
    April 2, 2013

    This is awesome. I wanna be a momma like them!… one day… 😉

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